Angus Stewart's Breadalbane Street Studio, Tobermory, Isle of Mull. Scotland.
New Zealand Paintings
I have made two very memorable trips to New Zealand. The first trip was a long time ago now-1989. During the first month I ravelled down the west coast of the South Island as far as Barn Bay then ravelled round via the Haste pass to Lake Wanaka and on round to Alexandra and Dunedin. Travelling was slow and often on foot during my first trip but on my second visit my friends, Annette and Burt Kemp from Alexandra lent me a car. What a luxury. During that trip I covered the south east part of the south Island. Also I went down as far as Westport during a sunny spell and avoiding the constant attention of the sand fly's when necessary within the car. That may not seem worthy of mention but they are memorable if you experience them in anger. New Zealand is a great place for a poor artist with a tent. Good people, great fishing, rabbits, fruit, you can live well if you make the most of the country. The painting was good too.
This was a hot place to paint. When I was walking over these hills there were the signs of abandoned sheds and shacks all around. Gold was found last century and miners were working all over these parts. It must have been a hard place to work as it can have extreme weather as I found out when I first arrived with my tent.
The Cluther River below Alexandra.  
Mitre Peak, in Fjord land  
The Fox Glacier, I think.  
The colour of Central Otago in the Autumn. The poplars were spectacular against the dry hills.
Shingle Creek, near Alexandra.  
I went to Westport in a bus with a group of marathon runners. I did this painting when they were running their marathons. Great bunch of people to go on a trip with and really new how to enjoy themselves but I have yet to learn the art of enjoying running marathons.
Westport, on the West Coast.  
We spent a about a week at Milford Sound during which it was beautiful sun and torrential rain. It was a spectacular place only spoiled by the mischievous parrot called Kia's. They have a beak and a temperament which allows them to take the world to pieces. Allow a Kia ten minutes at your tent and you have no tent. The rubber holding a windscreen on a car is no problem to remove if you are a Kia. Milford Sound - that's where I slept in the waiting room because of the fear of the Kia.
Mitre Peak, Milford Sound.  
This peaceful spot was regularly transformed by the shotover jet boats taking tourists on a terrifying trip around this sinuous river. Just below me the boat would turn 180 degrees and generate a great deal of screaming from the victims onboard.
The Shotover River near Queenstown.  
The Dunedin Peninsula.  
The Dunedin Peninsula  
North of the Haast Pass  
West Coast.  
Central Otago  
Mount Earnslaw  
West Coast  
Fruitlands Gallery, my home from home.  
Walking down the coast - no roads here at Big Bay just the constant sound of the sea. The fishermen working down here catch crayfish - having the tails flown out from rough air fields to get to market. Jade could be found on these shores if you looked hard enough. Some have found great boulders of Jade here. Sadly I found nothing however it made you study the boulders more attentively as we made the journey up the coast.
Diana, Ben, another traveller and me.  
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