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Ink Drawings, Malta
These drawings were done when I was on holiday on Malta. They were made in a little sketch book which allowed me to work in some funny places - such as churches and Restaurants. The good thing with using inks is the speed they dry at and there freshness. They make a nice reminder of a holiday , much more of a reminder than a collection of holiday snaps.
A sketch book leads you to places you would not have gone to in the hope of finding a nice subject to draw. I have spent many interesting days setting out with no idea where I was heading and rooted about places which you would not normally visit. Malta was not so unusual with the sea subjects, but they have a lot of nice boat sheds which are obviously enjoyed as a nice place to retreat to.
The sheds are often built of found materials and have a delightful home made quality similar to allotments and
The shadows made this picture. Without that it would not have been possible to define the structure of this little slipway. The planning you do before making a mark is most important, using the white of the paper is only available if you leave it clean.
I use are transparent acrylic inks which come in various colours. I like to mix various standard colours into one which is to my liking.
I was pleased with this drawing inside a church in Valletta. The heavily decorated walls were initially rather daunting but I managed to resist the temptation of getting too detailed and concentrate on the mid tones and highlight. The drawing was compelled in about forty five minutes, working standing up holding all of my kit. Despite the numbers of people around I was left to work away uninterrupted.
This was a social club in the center of Valletta. I did a number of drawings here while having lunch. The drawing of the pool table further down the page was also done in this grand building.
Another drawing done while awaiting the meals arrival. I tend to start with the room structure and then rough in the figures. Most of the tones were then painted, then some details were drawn in with the pen. I tend to avoid using the pen too early as it seems better to start with the big and finish with the small when it comes to painting tools.
I did this when eating on my own - the service was of course rather slow.
As a dinner guest I leave some improvement. This was done while the meal was being prepared. The owner was rather worried that I would make a mess of his nice table cloth - but obviously my table manners are good when handling a brush.
An ordinary subject has lots of problems to solve when you are doing a drawing. Establishing the lights and darks is a good basic approach when staring. Not getting too involved in detail at to early a stage lets you build the picture as a whole rather than " painting yourself into a corner" by having uneven detail in the wrong place.
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