Angus Stewart's Breadalbane Street Studio, Tobermory, Isle of Mull
Travel paintings  



This small oil painting was painted in Dublin late at night. I have a Pochade Box which is the artist's equivalent of a laptop computer. It opens up and your boards are held in the lid, your palette and paints in the base. It makes life much easier as people tend to think you are working on a laptop - so they leave you alone to work.



This was a larger than usual painting, half sheet, which was painted in Valletta, Malta. This does not convey the granulated texture of this painting. It was a loose and fresh painting.



When I was in Malta I spent most of my time doing ink drawings as you can get a lot more drawings done than water-colours in a day. This is one that I enjoyed doing. I had done a number of studies in ink of the boatyard and wanted to get at least one water-colour done of the subject.



This was painted on Malta. The harbour street seemed rather more convivial than the West of Scotland in February.



Turkey, near Bodrum was the setting for this painting. The lady was very interested in providing me with coca cola. Painting palm trees does not come naturally to me. Their shape and complexity take some analysing so I was pleased by the simplicity of this painting.



The Markets in Istanbul. The main problem here was getting enough space to set up and enough peace to do the picture.



Do I seem to be pointing out the problems too much? Well the problem when painting in Thailand is the rather sad and a times fierce dogs. Sitting in a monastery with 20 dogs around you squabbling is distracting and at times scary. Somehow this picture looks quite still and simple in the evening light.



Back to Istanbul and the Mosque with people leaving .



St. George's in Malta. This was a nice sloppy painting with blobs of colour being more important than the drawing of detail.



Bali was a surprisingly fun place considering the package holiday image of it. I rented a motor bike and went up to Ubud where a lot of painters work. Any problems? - well the humidity is so high that it takes ages for water-colours to dry. A slight setback but it is still an interesting place.






All that landscape and I end up doing a water-colour of a dead car. Such is life.


New York.



 Maple syrup boiling

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